Kim Jong-Un

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Is Kim Jong-Un dead? Twitter and Weibo reports claim North Korea’s leader assassinated in Beijing

Reports on Weibo and Twitter are claiming that North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un has been assassinated. However, despite a few blurry photos of cars at the North Korean embassy in Beijing, there seems to be absolutely no proof of the story, and most people are currently assuming that it’s fake. The story claims that gunmen … Continue reading

North Korean media hails Kim Jong-un as successor to father Kim Jong-Il

North Korean media has, as expected, hailed Kim Jong-un as his father’s natural successor. But it remains to be seen whether Kim Jong-un will exert his own power in the country, or whether he will merely be a puppet for the military. North Korea is in a state of official mourning, but there are signs … Continue reading

New video smuggled out of North Korea shows starving children and a dying nation

If there were any doubts about the depth of North Korea’s humanitarian crisis, they must surely have been dispelled by a new video that has been smuggled out of the impoverished nation. Showing children and soldiers alike begging for food and starving to death, while gangs of workers toil on railway lines intended as gifts … Continue reading