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McDonald’s to gave away free books with Happy Meals in the UK

McDonald’s is to replace toys with books in its Happy Meals until February 7th in the UK, as part of a new hook-up with HarperCollins. The book in question will be from Michael Morpurgo’s popular Mudpuddle Farm series, and The National Literacy Trust has welcomed the move in light of recent research that showed one … Continue reading

McDonald’s to disappear from Iceland

McDonald’s is to disappear from Iceland after the franchise operator for the country’s three restaurants said it was no longer economically viable to keep the restaurants running in their current form. Iceland’s first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in 1993. But with a population of just 300,000, and isolated far up at the north of Europe, … Continue reading

81-year-old Anne Felton dies after alleged Georgia McDonald’s toxic fume incident

An 81-year-old woman has died after allegedly breathing toxic fumes at a Georgia McDonald’s restaurant. Anne Felton was one of a number of people reportedly taken ill on Wednesday. She died on Thursday morning. Allegedly, a toxic mix of chemicals was used to clean a bathroom. In total, one employee, three customers and a couple … Continue reading

McDonald’s boss defends Ronald, says clown is here to stay

In the wake of an anti-Ronald McDonald campaign, McDonald’s boss Jim Skinner has defended the clown and insisted that the company has no plans to get rid of him. In a series of adverts the other day, Corporate Accountability International (CAI) called on McDonald’s to stop advertising unhealthy food to children. One of their main … Continue reading

McDonald’s to be remodelled as McStarbucks?

McDonald’s is to invest billions of dollars in a major remodelling program that will update many of the company’s restaurants around the world. With an eye on increasing custom with a more attractive interior, the company is said to be taking influences from both Starbucks and Apple Stores in an attempt to modernise its appearance. … Continue reading

Burger King bikini brawl leads to disorderly conduct charge

A woman who allegedly ‘starred’ in a popular viral video showing a food fight in a Burger King restaurant has been charged with disorderly conduct. The accused, Kimesa Smith, was wearing a bikini during the alleged confrontation, which naturally was caught on a cameraphone, and it was all very funny. But she’s now said to … Continue reading

Subway overtakes McDonald’s to become world’s largest restaurant chain

There are now 33,749 Subway outlets in the world, which is significant because it’s 1,012 more than McDonald’s. That makes Subway the world’s largest restaurant chain. Subway is growing faster than ever before. It’s about to launch its 1,000th Asian restaurant, and although two thirds of its revenue is still from US markets, the company … Continue reading

For you, Americans, there will be no McLobster

McDonalds has responded to the growing, and largely inexplicable, McLobster Twitter trend by confirming that there are no plans to roll the menu item out nationally. Some Maine McDonalds restaurants do serve lobster rolls in the summer, but these are apparently not going to be pushed out to any other parts of the country. Having … Continue reading

100gf in America day 1: Landing in Boston

Arrived in Boston, just been a really frantic rush to get from the airport to the hotel. Not much to report so far, but it’s exciting being in the US of A for the first time in a decade. First two days are going to be mostly very dull business stuff. Hmm, might go and … Continue reading