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Occupy Wall Street enters its second day #occupywallstreet #takewallstreet

As Occupy Wall Street enters its second day, it reaches the point at which it will either peter out or start to grow. The hoped-for 20,000 protesters haven’t materialised, but there are hundreds of people and the ‘camp’ seems to be well-organised and settled. So where do things go from here? Images of the event … Continue reading

10 questions about Occupy Wall Street that should be answered urgently #OccupyWallStreet #takewallstreet

1. Why are peaceful protesters being treated as if they are criminals? 2. Why are thousands of police, and SWAT teams and police dogs, being mobilised to protect Wall Street bankers? 3. Why are almost all the mainstream media outlets in America ignoring a major civil protest in the heart of New York? 4. Why … Continue reading

Is Twitter blocking Occupy Wall Street from trending? #OccupyWallStreet

There are claims being bandied about this afternoon about Twitter and #OccupyWallStreet, with some people suggesting that the term has been banned from the trending lists. This type of claim comes up any time a movement fails to get into the top 10 trending¬† terms. It’s often (rightly) dismissed as paranoia. But could it be … Continue reading

Is Occupy Wall Street / Day of Rage in New York the subject of a media blackout? #occupywallstreet

Today is the day of Occupy Wall Street, aka Day of Rage, a demonstration against the power and excess of America’s financial industries. But in the run-up to the start, there has so far been virtually no mainstream media coverage of events. This has led some people to wonder whether a media blackout has been … Continue reading

Campaign to Occupy Wall Street on September 17th gathers pace #occupywallstreet

A new campaign is calling on people to stage a massive occupation of public space in the heart of America’s financial district, with the aim of demonstrating popular opposition to the way in which banks and corporations have gone unpunished following the financial crisis. Occupy Wall Street is scheduled to start on September 17th and … Continue reading